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Bike Audit

We will be doing an audit of bicycles on the complex the week of April 23rd-27th. All bicycles or scooters must be placed neatly on the bike rack or on the unit patio. Any bikes or scooters found laying around the complex or not placed neatly on the bike racks will be immediately removed.

Maintenance Tip of the Month

We are in the thick of the winter months and no one wants to leave the house and face those brutal winter temperatures outside, so cooking and ordering in is all anyone wants to do these days. But remember, not everything is edible for our kitchen sinks. Here’s a friendly reminder of items that you…

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Tips for Apartment Home Living with Kids

Apartment living with kids, of any age, can be hectic but is totally worth it in the long run. Saving money, living simply, and getting close with your kids during the formative years of their life are all perks of starting and growing a family in an apartment home. To do this smoothly, we have…

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Resident of the Month

What do you love most about Governor Square? I like the whole community with its diverse nationalities.  I like the floor plans and the space in my apartment. I'm also pleased with the appearance of the complex and how it is maintained. What made you choose Governor Square as your home? Location was a main…

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