Tips for Apartment Home Living with Kids

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Apartment living with kids, of any age, can be hectic but is totally worth it in the long run. Saving money, living simply, and getting close with your kids during the formative years of their life are all perks of starting and growing a family in an apartment home. To do this smoothly, we have some tips for keeping things sane and allowing you to live your best life.


Organization is vital.

When it comes to apartment spaces, sometimes even the most spacious set up can feel cramped when there’s clutter. Naturally, kids are messy folk so it takes a super family to keep it all on lock.


Pro Tip: Get furniture that doubles as storage and invest in plenty of shelves. The more you can tuck away the better.


Being on time is hard. This just in: that’s totally normal.

Keeping up with different schedules is harder than it looks. Once you’re in a regular routine and find your niche, it’ll feel like clockwork. But until then (fingers crossed that day comes), remind yourself that practice makes perfect.


Pro Tip: Buy an actual alarm clock and don’t just rely on your smartphone. By simply setting a few alarms throughout your morning, you’ll have extra motivation to get up, find the clock, and remind yourself to get going on a task. It’s not a bad idea to set reminders on your phone as a backup…. after all, this isn’t the dark ages.


Purge what you don’t need.

This is no time to hoard those socks with holes in them or that toy your kids haven’t touched in months. Sometimes you have to accept that no amount of strategic storage will cut it when you just have too.much.stuff.


Pro Tip: Find your local donation service and go through all your things at least once every two months. Give away anything which your family doesn’t have a blatant sentimental or practical use for anymore.


Plan plan plan.

Keeping a visible planner can really help kids conceptualize time management and what they have going on that week. This should be displayed in a family space, such as the kitchen, and as detailed as your family is comfortable with keeping consistent.


Pro Tip: DIY a dinner schedule so older kids can know what to expect and you can plan your grocery trips or budget how much you can spend on a dinner out on the town. When you know a few days in advance what your family’s meals will be that week, you can pre-pack or pre-cook meals with far less stress.



Work space vs. living space

The key to productivity is having a set work space that is comfortable and organized. This is important for little ones too…plus, establishing an area for them to do homework helps you out with clean up time.


Pro Tip: Set up a work space for your kids like you would for yourself and it will make them feel like they’re being a grownup. Whether this is for homework or for play, it will ensure your space looks like it has a purpose and isn’t another play area with cluttered toys lying around.


Whether you’ve been doing this like a champ for years, or might consider trying one of our tips for the first time, know that we understand the importance of family and always hope you are happy and healthy in your apartment home.

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